Serious Queer Business, First Thursdays, May 2018, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Queer Pride Symposium and closing party, Septmeber 2018, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Serious Queer Business is a public program platform that aims to generate conversation, dialogue and community around queer issues and topics. Serious Queer Business is driven to give voices to underrepresented parts of the queer community aiming to strengthen and foster a more inclusive sense of community.  Subverting the structures of a corporate setting - traditionally understood to be a white, heteronormative and patriarchal space - Serious Queer Business stages town hall like meetings to address the concerns, thoughts and questions of queer identifying speakers. Serious Queer Business creates a space for queer individuals to bring these concerns to a community discussion where relationships can be strengthened. Utilising Institutional art spaces Serious Queer Business takes over these settings for queer voices.

Running on Cargo

images: Louis Lim and Tamara Brophy