Downstream (Mount Morgan and Mount Oxide) 2018 -ongoing.
Material Place: Reconsidering Australian Landscapes, UNSW Galleries.


Transparency and other worries
Institute of Modern Art (IMA) Brisbane.

Downstream (Mount Morgan and Mount Oxide)
2018 -ongoing.
Transboundaries: Art + Connection, QUT Art Museum.

Earthwork #3 (assemblage rig.)
2017 - ongoing.
Jeremy Hynes Award
Institute of Modern Art (IMA) Brisbane.

Sedimentary Surfaces
Riddoch Art Gallery.



Lu Forsberg is an experimental artist and video maker whose research-led practice employs screen methods, new media technology, context specific assemblage and installation to examine the convergence of exctractive economies, technocapitalism and ecological engineering.

Forsberg has exhibited at spaces including IMA Brisbane, QUT Art Museum, UNSW Galleries, Metro Arts, Gold Coast City Gallery and Riddoch Art Gallery. Lu was the recipient of the Jeremy Hynes Award at the IMA In 2017. They are currently a masters candidate at UNSW Art & Design.



CV ︎

These shifting and confused gusts of memory never lasted for more than a few seconds; it often happened that, in my brief spell of uncertainty as to where I was, I did not distinguish the various suppositions of which it was composed any more than, when we watch a horse running, we isolate the successive positions of its body as they appear upon a bioscope.
        But I had seen first one and then another of the rooms in which I had slept during my life, and in the end I would revisit them all in the long course of my waking dream… (from In Search of Lost Time, by Marcel Proust, 1913)